Wren's Recipes: 3 No Bake Halloween Treats

Wren's Recipes: 3 No Bake Halloween Treats

Make Halloween fun and festive with Wrens 3 easy no bake treats - guaranteed to impress your kiddies!!!


Spider Marshmallows

-Large Marshmallows 

-Pretzel Sticks

-Red food gel

-Chocolate Chips 

Directions: Break pretzels in half and poke three in each side of the marshmallow. Dot on eyes and a mouth with the red food gel and push choc chips into the eyes (let it set-gel acts like glue) 

Dirt and Worms

-Chocolate Pudding

-Oreo Cookies

-Gummy Worms

-Chocolate Eyeballs 

Directions: Remove cream filling from Oreos. Place in a plastic bag and smash (I used a rolling pin) until fine crumbly texture. Using a glass cup or mason jar, start layering pudding, then dirt, then pudding etc. Your last layer should be dirt. Top with gummy worms and eyeballs. 

Mummy Oreos

Oreo Cookies

White Chocolate

Red food gel or eye candy

Directions: Melt one bar of white chocolate in the microwave for about one and a half minutes stirring every 30 seconds. Put chocolate in a small ziplock bag and cute a small hole in one corner. Drizzle the white chocolate over Oreo to create a "bandage" effect. Top with red eyes or candy eyes!