Prince Edward County Trip

This summer, we went with the whole fam on a little getaway to Prince Edward County. PEC is often considered a great adult-only destination with its wineries and amazing restaurants but there are honestly so many fun things to do with the kiddies as well. We had the best time and there was something for everyone to enjoy. See below for our trip itinerary plus some additional recos ;)  
Day 1: 
  • Campbells Apple Farm (en route) 
  • The Vic Drive in located in Bloomfield for Dinner (no reservation required) 
  • Slickers for Ice cream 

Day 2: 
  • Coffees and pastries from Enid and Grace and walk around the cute little shops in Wellington (great farmers market and park on the water in the area) 
  • Wander Resort Cabanas 12a-5p (order La Condessa for lunch - best tacos and tequila freezies) 
  • Sand and Pearl Oyster (reservations required) 
  • Mustang Drive In (book in advance) 

Day 3: 
  • Drake Devonshire for Breakfast
  • Westlake Wakeboarding - book waterskiing/wakesurfing and have access to a private sandbanks beach all day!

  • Flame and Smith (no reservations required)  

Day 4:
  • Coffee a the Surf Shop in Wellington
  • Bee Adventure - bee farm (Curious Goat General Store) 
  • Carsons Garden Market + Flossies (best fried chicken sandwich ever!)
  • Lakeside Motel Pool - all day lunch and snacks available ( no reservations required - head there around 12p) 
  • Parsons Brewing Company (favourite restaurant - go early!) - live reggae music of Sunday! 

Other places you should check out: 
  • Alpaca Farm
  • Wine Tour (traynor, kinsip, waupoos, karlo) / Country Wine Tours
  • Hike Mcauley Mountain 
  • Manse Spa
  • Hops and Heifers (riding water buffalos) 
  • Hayloft Dancehall 
Recommended Restaurants 
  • Bacado PEC 
  • The Marans
  • Firebird
  • Clossen Chase
  • Jamie Kennedy 
  • Judy's BBQ
  • 555 Brewing 
  • Tabersnack 
  • Pizza from Terracello Winery
  • The Smith (Airbnb in Bloomfield) 
  • The Beach House
  • Elle House
  • June Motel
  • Drake