Pantry Makeover

Imagine it Done: Wren gets a pantry makeover! 

Truth be told I actually love purging and cleaning, but for whatever reason I find my kitchen pantry is the one area that I have had an issue tackling. It's always a mess, I can never find anything, and I never know what I have (which usually results in me buying things I don't actually need) But with four little kids (one with a severe allergy) coupled with the fact that I love cooking ... I was really looking to get my pantry in order. 
Enter Lisa from Imagine It Done - organizer extraordinaire. We had a virtual consult where she looked at the space, took note of our lifestyle and made product recommendations that she said would guarantee a pinterest worthy pantry.


She made the process so easy and approachable - and I especially loved working with her because it held me accountable (kind of like booking a class at the gym) - I couldn't get out of doing it! 
A few tips that Lisa gave me that helped with the whole process:
- take everything out of your pantry (throw out expired product, take inventory of what you have and the kind of storage you would need)
- get your kids involved! Mine loved helping out ;) 
- regularly clean and organize (so that you dont get to a point where everything is a mess again!) 

See below for some of my favourite products she recommended! 

Lazy Susan - For oils and vingars 
Cereal Containers 
Coffee and Tea organizer 
Spice Lazy Susan
Pantry Baskets
Snack Organizer