Fall '22 Fashion Trends


ANI+WREN walk you through the top trends for Fall – everything from the colour of the season and feathered tops to pops of colour and preppy uniforms. See how we are styling our favourite pieces from this seasons collection with Wren.

Preppy Chic

For those who had to wear a uniform to school you are probably resistant to the preppy uniform of plaid skirts and polo shirts. We love to let our inner rebel shine but rather than rolling up our skirts we are just buying them shorter to pair with our favourite loafers. Elevating this preppy look in our adult years brings chic nostalgia to our Fall wardrobe.

This is the time to layer all those essentials you collected over the summer! The oversized buttons downs, shorts, and knits all put together make for the ideal preppy outfit.


Colour of the Season – Chocolate Brown

Brown is the new black! 

Adding shades of chocolate is an absolute must for this season. This is the perfect colour to ring in the change of season because it adds a sense of comfort and warmth to any look. We also know that the matching set is still alive and well, so may as well add this colour to your loungewear. 

This colour isn’t reserved for the just the day and cozy outfits. A chocolate brown dress could possible replace the little black dress this Fall. 


Bright Colours

When you think of colours for fall we naturally gravitate to neutrals and colours you’d find in nature such as maroon or brown – duh!. But we are in for a ride this season as pops of colour make their way from our summer vacation to our daily staples for Fall. 

Bright blues like cerulean (insert Devil Wears Prada joke here), hot pinks and neon greens will brighten up your cold wear wardrobe.



The feather micro-trend is all over our instagram feeds and we are here for it! We don’t want to compare our wardrobes to Marie Antoinette’s, but she did wear feathers in her hair as a sign of her extravagance. 

The latest trend of adding plumes into your wardrobe has come a long way from long gowns – think mini dresses, trimmed tops and jackets.


Oversized Blazers

Season after season the oversize blazer trend is alive and well. This is our most versatile and ever-evolving item in our closets. Styled with a classic white tee and denim or belted over a knit dress, blazers add immediate polish to any look. 

From traditional tartan and fine leathers to cropped and elongated silhouettes, there are so many ways to wear an oversize blazers this Fall.