Ani's Playroom

Ani's Playroom

I am so excited to share with you the final look of my kid's plays pace from Crate and Barrel Kids. It was important to me to create a space that was fun and engaging but also aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for us to hang out together as a family. Nothing brought me more joy than weeding out those junky colourful plastic toys, and replacing it with these beautifully crafted and chic designs to complete my space.

My kids are obsessed with their new playhouse - it's their own private space where they can camp out and play together on their own. The kitchen was an even bigger hit, especially with my 2 year old, who can be entertained playing with the kitchen and wooden food accessories for hours on end. Everything is absolutely stunning, and I am contemplating redesigning my own kitchen to match ha.

My vision of this dual play space/rec room came together seamlessly and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Feel free to shop some of my favourite items that I sourced linked below. Oh and the most of the toys are 20% off right now because  BF sales, so enjoy and stock up for the holidays :)

Shop these items below: 
Ikat White Playhouse
Plan Toys Breakfast Menu

Plan Toys Birthday Cake

Gourmet Play Kitchen 

 Nesting White and Natural Play Table

Medium Khaki Kneatly Knit Rope Bin