Hosting a Party During Covid-19

Hosting a Party During Covid-19

Ashley Lindzon

Ashley Lindzon, owner of Ashley Lindzon Events Inc., is an event planner in Toronto with almost 10 years experience in planning parties, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate galas and more. She is a mom, a wife and an entrepreneur. With the current climate being challenging for all, it has certainly impacted the events world. We asked Ashley for some of the ways she's coping and advice on how to still host a good party during this crisis.


How has Covid-19 changed the way you are planning events?

During this difficult time, we have been faced with many situations where we have been forced to postpone and reschedule milestones for our clients.

As a mom, it has given me the opportunity to use the time for a creative outlet to create at home celebrations with my family, and continue to make them special.

Last week we celebrated Passover, at home. I was feeling sad about not being with my family, but it ended up being a beautiful opportunity to get creative and celebrate in a unique way. I ended up creating crafts for my son and I to set a beautiful table and create memories. We used online printables for artwork/placemats and used at home items for place cards (felt and glitter stickers) and centrepieces (platters and scrabble tiles).

What are your DIY party tips for celebrating at home?

We want to help our community celebrate at home and ensure the milestones spent there are memorable and special. If you have an upcoming celebration, here are some tips to using items you have on hand to create something fun:


  • Use game pieces to create signs and decor, like using scrabble tiles for names.
  • Make cupcake toppers using toothpicks and stickers to create unique and celebratory flags and signs.
  • Find online printables for theme appropriate colouring activities.
  • Paint paper plates for a special occasion.
  • Create DIY party hats or use existing party hats and add pom poms, stickers, etc.
  • Dress up your kids stuffed animals to add extra party ‘guests.’


What’s next for Ashley Lindzon Events Inc.?

We are creating at home party kits to help mark special milestones while in isolation. Each box will be catered towards 4-6 people and will include various items, including, but not limited to:

  • decorative party plates

  • special occasion napkins

  • cake toppers

  • cupcake decorations

  • balloons

  • banners

  • and more!

We currently have 5 styles, but we have plans for so many more. You also have the option to add a cake (for 6 servings) and/or a bouquet of flowers. In addition, we are happy to work with our community to help you celebrate your milestones, so please get in touch for a custom box. Other boxes currently in progress include: an at home bris kit, a welcome baby kit, Mother’s Day, graduation and much, much more!

The kits start at $50 and are currently for Toronto clients only and include delivery. A portion of our sales will be donated to the Covid-19 Relief Fund. 

You can reach Ashely via her website and on Instagram.


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