August 23, 2017

I have been pregnant 4 times in the past 5 years … no multiples … basically 1 child every year. And with each pregnancy came changes in my attitude … as the babies came, I became more and more laid back with everything and packing for the hospital was one of those things.


I remember very distinctly with my first – my bag was packed 6 weeks in advance because I KNEW I was going early, after all I was 3 weeks early myself and everyone told me based on my size that the baby was most definitely coming early. For the record everyone was wrong and my first came 4 days after her scheduled due date. I brought out a giant wheely suitcase (one typically reserved for lengthy vacations) and filled it with my list of “essentials”:
  • At the top of the list – many changes of clothes (what if I saw someone I knew … I wanted to look cute!)
  • a straightening iron
  • nursing pads
  • bras
  • pumps
  • many baby outfits … I didn’t know it’s gender and wanted it’s first appearance on Insta to be perfect
  • a pillow for my man (apparently he needed to rest while I was in labour)
  • those birthing print outs you get from the labour and delivery classes (if I needed to reference the best birthing positions)
  • tons and tons of food
  • adult diapers (which would serve to be the most useful thing I packed)
  • and of course alcohol (because I knew I would definitely want to drink immediately) the list went on and on.

Fast forward to my labour … I came to the hospital in the middle of the night (in my PJs with pimple cream on … so much for looking cute) – there was no changing of outifts … no eating food and the baby clothes I had brought were all too big (who knew there was a newborn size???) and alcohol was the last thing I wanted after labour. As for those birthing print outs … turns out the best position is on your back.

By my fourth – I packed a few days before my due date (because I KNEW I was going late ;) I fit all the essentials in a teeny tiny little bag – and I really learned what the “essentials” were:
  • a phone charger
  • one change of clothes
  • magazines (if you are getting an epidural!)
  • toiletries (bare minimum)
  • baby diapers
  • a few newborn onesies
… that’s it!
Everything else you can get from the hospital - swaddle, adult diapers, and the MVP of essentials that everyone had failed to mention (and I hadn’t even packed that in my bag – the hospital gave it to me!) the beloved squirt bottle!



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