How You Can Support Small Businesses

How you can support small businesses during covid-19

Support Local

Times are tough for our fellow small business owners right now. We feel ya! So we put together a handy list of 8 ways you can #supportlocal while social distancing.

1. Sign-up for their newsletter.

2. Purchase gift cards. Especially from places that rely on physical contact like your nail artist or hairstylist.

3. Shop online. Or better yet, shop online for someone who needs it more than you.

4. Use your voice. Post about your fave local businesses on social media.

5. Leave good, helpful reviews on their website, Google or Facebook.

6. Engage with and share their social media posts.

7. Comment on their blog posts.

8. Pay your peeps. If your still getting a paycheck, keep your dogwalker, babysitter, etc. on your personal payroll.

To show our support, we'll be featuring some of our fave local spots in the coming weeks on social media and purchasing giftcards for future use. Until then, share the love and #shoplocal!

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