Capturing Your Baby Bump Yourself

Capturing Your Baby Bump Yourself

With social distancing fully in place, we don't want you to miss out on capturing your pregnancy, so we reached out to our gal Trish Mennell and got her top tips on photographing your bump while in isolation. 

There is nothing I love to photograph more than a pregnancy. Capturing the beauty of a woman who is growing a brand new life is so special to me. The miracle of life is downright incredible, but add to that the excitement, the planning, the looking ahead to what this brand new person means to this family, whether it's the first child or the fourth, and you can see why I love all bump shoots. It breaks my heart that photography sessions must be avoided at this time of essential services and social distancing. Yes, this even includes porchtraits.

This doesn't mean, however, that you can't photograph your pregnancy in a meaningful way without a pro. I've put together a shotlist of what I feel are the essentials. So grab whatever camera you like and a willing helper, and let's go capture some memories.


1. Your bedside table

One day you’ll look back on this shot and remember your concerns about childbirth, stretch marks, nutrition and your baby’s name. If this is baby number one, I'll bet you have a collection that looks something like this:

    Beside Table

    2. The nursery

    These photographs show how much you already love this little one. Bonus for including a family heirloom or the blanket or stuffed toy that you plan to make your child's 'lovey'. Pass the camera to someone else and get into the shot yourself, Mama. Look into the crib, not at the camera. Have your photographer back up to capture as much of the room as possible. 

    Nursery Photography

    3. Baby's clothing

    You've been shopping online, am I right? How's that closet looking? Capture all of the sartorial treasures you're collecting for your baby.

    Baby Clothes

    4. Soon-to-be-siblings

    Sit and read a book about the new baby and photograph from above or have someone else capture the shots. This is an excellent shot with dad and child, too. Then have your child snuggle your belly and get in close. If you are able, lift your child and capture a bump sit.

    Big Sister

    Big Sister + Mom

    5. Your view

    This one is a simple shot down your body to show your own view. Experiment with your toes peeking out or adding your belly-height child to this one.

    Baby Bump

    6. From afar

    This means no hair and makeup required. Enlist your partner for this shot.

    Mom and Child

    7. The profile

    Putting the light behind you and asking your helper to shoot you looking down makes for a beautiful semi silhouette. No need for makeup, but you may want to style your hair for this one. With an iPhone, tapping your shape before clicking the shutter will brighten the photo a bit.

    Profile Pregnancy Photos

    8. With dad

    This one is great if you have an older sibling who can take this photo. Shoot close up so hair and makeup aren’t an issue.

    Mom and Dad

    9. The bump

    Experiment with bump selfies from the side. These are easy to shoot and work in a variety of lighting conditions. Make sure you’re hiding your nails if your mani is less than perfect.

    Baby Bump

    Baby Bump Photography

    You are now well on your way to preserving this fleeting time for your family and creating photographs that you will always treasure. Consider making a lovely photobook with all of the shots you capture and printing it for your child’s storybook collection. They will love looking through it over the years and know how very much you looked forward to their arrival. I suspect it will be one of your child's favourite book and an absolute treasure for years to come.

    Feel like you’d like some more help with your DIY shoot? I’ve got you. Virtual sessions are available now. I direct, you click. Find out more:

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