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Lauren's Pregnancy Essentials

Lauren Levy


1. Good Face and Body Creams


I have super sensitive skin…and when I’m expecting I usually ditch my hardcore skin products and go for something all natural with no crazy ingredients.  Gee Beauty turned me on to Tata Harper for my last pregnancy and I love the products! I used the body oil and cream and the moisturizer.  All ingredients are 100% Natural & Non-Toxic so I don’t have to worry that I am using anything harmful. I especially love their body oil – it was perfect to put on my growing belly.


2. Maternity Jeans

I was not one of those pregnant women who could wear my regular jeans until my third trimester (I not-so-secretly hate those women). I bought all my jeans about 4 weeks in…because let’s face it, they are more comfortable! And a good pair of premium denim should last from the beginning of your pregnancy until the end – so why not wear them for as long as possible!? My faves from my most recent pregnancy were the JBrand Luxe Sateen. It's literally like wearing butter. The material is super soft and cozy…they feel like a legging but look like a jean. My dream pant (I wore them for far too long after I gave birth)


3. That One Book...

I didn't read much of anything to prepare for my first pregnancy but the one book a few people swore by is called Baby Wise.  They told me they read it, followed it and their kids slept through the night after 6 weeks. So... that was really the only book that mattered to me. I read it. I created Coles notes for it (that have subsequently been passed around by friends) - basically it became my bible. I followed it and it worked for my kids (I am not saying it will work for everyone) but it really did the trick (*for my babies* ... toddler sleeping is a whole other ballgame).


4. Cookies!

I hate people that crave cottage cheese and fruit during their pregnancies...there is nothing better than giving into your cravings (especially when you are expecting). I mean I'm not losing weight anyways, right?!  My biggest food craving / indulgence had to be the Le Gourmand chocolate chip cookie.  If you haven’t eaten this cookie go now and get it. My husband works close to Le Gourmand and I made him bring this home way too often. It’s incredible .. pregnant or not. 

5. Body Pillow

My saviour!! I actually didn't buy an official maternity one (I just used a really long pillow) but BB Buggy have a great pillow. I would curl up with it like a pretzel ... it really helped with my back support. Every pregnant mama needs to cuddle up with one of these as it really helps with that back pain that just gets worse as you grow. - tell your husband you will see him in 9 months ... make that 12. 

6. Pre-Natal Massages


I had insane lower back pains during my pregnancies (plus I am on my feet all day between work and the kids) so the pressure was pretty bad, especially towards the end of my pregnancies. I would go every 4 weeks to get a rubdown! I love the Shangri-la Hotel's pre-natal massages...why not treat yourself??  


7. A Good Baby App

I really only did this with my first ... because let's face it, it's the first. I loved the Baby Center's app. You log in with your due date and follow along with the daily updates of how big your babe is, how you should be feeling, etc. Really great for first time moms to get an idea of what the heck is going on! 


8. Baby Prep

 Travel Stroller

I don’t like buying a ton of stuff pre baby but there are certain essentials you have to get and I loved loved loved going to Ella and Elliott. I bought my crib there (it converted to a toddler bed). I also recently purchased an amazing travel stroller from there that is my latest obsession.  And I got my baby bjorn bouncer that I love from there (folds up nice and small) - a beautiful store to get inspired for your nursery and beyond.