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Momspiration - Lauren Levy

Super Momma Lauren Levy

What is your greatest joy and most rewarding thing about being a new mom? 

It’s always crazy to me to see how much this little being that you created loves you. They look up to you, copy you (which isn’t always a good thing!) – you are their mentor, their teacher and to watch them grow into these little people with opinions, thoughts and passions is truly amazing. 

...And your biggest challenge? 

The hardest thing I find about being a mom is being patient … motherhood is genuinely the most difficult job – children are exhausting, challenging, irrational and it’s easy to get caught up in the tantrums! I read somewhere recently that you have to appreciate all the little things that your kids do because in the end those will be the big things.  I always (almost always…) try to take a step back from all the craziness– and at the end of the day it’s nothing a glass of wine can’t solve! 

Lauren and Romy

Favourite baby books? What’s your kids’ favourite bedtime story?  

I find my kids become obsessed with the same books for two weeks, read them constantly and then move on to the latest and greatest. My friend just gave us a book called “5 Minute Girl Power Stories” that my eldest loves. The stories are really different (a princess who skateboards, a girl who dresses in her own way) – all very empowering and funny. 

My girls also love any story that I make up … right now we tell a story about Ariel and Snow White stuck in a castle with a cold … and then I usually have to sing the score from Annie – 2 hours later I am hoping they are asleep!  

What’s your stroller game? 

    Everything! Best advice I can give is don’t worry too much because you will end up buying multiple. We have a single bugaboo, a Maclaren umbrella stroller for traveling and a City Mini double stroller. The biggest problem is having too many modes of transportation and no place to store them! Our dining room has become my children’s personal garage. 

    Lauren and the girls

    Quote the funniest thing your kids have ever said. 

      We were sitting by the pool in Aruba and my daughter asked someone where he was from and he said “Regina” and she said to him “I have a vagina too”. 

      Where did you find inspiration for names?  

      From everywhere! I think with each kid you plan less and less. We had picked out our eldest daughter’s name (Romy Mason) pretty much immediately. Then with each child I waited closer and closer to my due date. And I never tell anyone my choices … too many opinions – no one is going to tell you once the baby is born that the name is weird (unless you are my father in law!) 

      Has your personal style changed since you’ve become a mom?  

      I feel like I worry less about trends and more about what is functional and looks good. Sometimes I am going from school drop off, to a work meeting to the park so whatever I am in has to work on a few different levels. Comfort is key but I also like looking pulled together - it’s a balance! 

      Lauren Levy

      What have you learned about balancing motherhood with your career? 

      There is no perfect equation and you can’t feel guilty. When I’m at work I try to be 100% at work and when I am with the kids I am 100% with them and I try not to worry about everything else in between. 

      Lauren and Family on Instagram

      Favourite family vacation spot? 

      Anywhere the grandparents are!! We have 3 kids 3 and under so we always need an extra set of hands and will never turn down babysitters … so our favourite vacation spots are with the whole (extended) family. Aruba and Bahamas are my top two with the kids – great beaches, delicious food and lots of activities to keep them busy.  

      Last piece of advice? Words of Wisdom? 

      Don’t judge. There are so many ways to parent and raise your kids – breast vs formula, co-sleep vs crib, etc … and everyone seems to have an opinion about the “right” way to do it. There is no perfect equation and no two parents or kids are the same. The worst thing we can do as moms is to judge how someone else chooses to parent. Stick to what works for you and don’t waste time or energy worrying about what anyone else is doing.