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Ani's Essential Baby Buys

I can barely believe it, I'm 32 weeks pregnant, 8 weeks left to cook this cutie! Initially I was so overwhelmed with the amount of baby products, accessories and clothing out there and had no idea where to start. That being said, Wren and a few other gal pals broke it down for me, to help me come up with a curated list of 'Baby Essentials" Check out my list below!     


After lots of back and forth between the UPPA Baby and the Bugaboo, I decided on the UPPA Baby Vista. Basically, it came down to storage for me. I liked that the Vista had a significant storage for all my shopping bags and groceries. In addition, when I am ready to push the second one out, the Vista allows for multiple configurations, making transport for a second babe a breeze.

2. Breast Pump

Who knew breast pumps were so RICH? Not me. However, apparently this is where you need to invest. A good breast pump will last you several pregnancies, and most importantly you need the bad boy to really latch on. I went with the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump, sounds pretty fancy right lol. There is also apparently a bra you can get that has holes over the nips that attach right to the breast pump, so you can literally be hands free while pumping. For all those nights when I feel like whipping up a gourmet meal while pumping away #NAWWT

3. Swaddles

Aden and Anais brand is my newest obsession. All their products are made of 100% cotton muslin, and have the cutest patterns. Given that I am not finding out the gender of the babes, I often gravitate towards stars and cute animal prints. They also have a lot of grey white and cream patterns, which is perfect for me 'cause I am Neutral Nancy, and consequently so will be my baby.

4. Diaper Bag

I went with The Anti-Diaper bag from HATCH, it's brand new to their collection, and I absolutely love it.  It is nylon which is great for cleaning and is super lightweight, and the leather straps give it that elevated look. Also it's all black everything which is my bag, no pun attended. It also comes with a change pad, and these 3 cool nylon pouches, with cute sayings in florescent pink, "This" "That" and the "The Other". The best part, it doesn't look like a diaper bag, hence the title, and I will def use it as a gym bag/tote down the road :)

5. Sleep Sheep

This little sheep is a white noise making machine, and is apparently a godsend to a fussy babe. Strap it onto the stroller and it's music to their ears. Like good old Dr. Karp says from "The happiest baby on the block" (the only piece of literature I've picked up) apparently it's louder than a vacuum in the womb, so anything that mimics that loud soothing sound, is golden. One Sleep Sheep for me please.


6. Pack and Play

Getting a pack and play was probably the best piece of advice that Wren gave me (other than buying incontinence sheets that you can use as disposable change pads for the baby - available at the Shoppers Home Healthcare at Lawrence and Bathurst ;) 
Back to the pack and play, this piece is clutch, and a great item to have in your main living area, so during the day when the baby needs to go down, you have an easy place to put them. I went with the Graco Pack-N-Play Element Playard, Metropolis which comes with a changing table, and full size removable bassinet, electronic module with soothing music and sounds, and toybar with a few cute star mobiles. Oh ya and in one click, it folds down into one compact unit, perfect for travel :) I should work for Graco, right?