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Mum's the Word

Wren on Why Being a Mama Rocks!!

There is no question about it … in 2012 becoming a mom for the first time turned my life upside down and inside out and it has never been the same.  With the joys and excitement came the challenges as well. I have three little girls under four so my household is pretty much a zoo.  Motherhood is tough - often I am exhausted and frustrated and really just trying to keep it all together. But it is also one of the most rewarding jobs out there. I have never felt more proud, accomplished or happy as I do when I see my kids succeeding at a task, playing with friends, finding a new passion, or just being silly.  My heart feels like it's going to burst out of my chest with love for these little beings and I know that while I am shaping them every day, they have also forever changed me.  My kids have taught me patience, compassion, understanding, and respect – as well as the importance of not taking life too seriously!

In honour of Mother’s Day, I thought I would round up a few of my favourite things about being a mom to three little ones: 

lauren levy

1.  Unconditional Love 

Regardless of the kind of day I’ve had, I always know that when I come home and throw open the door I will be greeted with “MAMAMAMA!!!!”  My girls literally charge at me with hugs and kisses … what a way to come home!  There is nothing like it … I know this stage probably won’t last (ahem teenage years) but I’ll take what I can get right now. 

lauren levy

2. Seeing Things Through Their Eyes

If you have kids you are probably busy, right?  We occasionally have "free days" but most our schedules are full of classes (music, dance, swimming, gym…), special events (markets, fairs, concerts, plays…) and of course holiday activities (from cookie decorating on Valentine's Day, to gingerbread house building around the holidays). What's cool is that I get to experience everything again (and some things for the first time) and I get to see it all through their eyes. The excitement, the joy, the wonder at doing little things that just seem so incredible to them … who knew grocery shopping could be so exciting!  We recently did an Easter egg hunt throughout our house and my daughter said to me "Mom, this is literally the best day ever" … I mean ... nothing better than that! 

lauren levy

3. Appreciating The Small Stuff

I was walking with my 2 year old the other day and she asked me if we could stop to smell the flowers ... talk about taking life slowly! She got so much joy out of it … it was really the sweetest thing.  As much as we are speeding through life (see aforementioned point about how busy we are), I find my kids are the best reminders to move a little slower and to enjoy all the little things.  As much as I want to try to stay on schedule, I do my best not to race through the day … I know spending extra time doing something that seems small to me is probably huge to them.


4. Watching Them Grow

One of the coolest parts of being a mom is seeing how these tiny little people that you created form thoughts, opinions, passions and interests.  I love seeing when they accomplish a “first” or excel at something they love … the excitement, the confidence they build, how proud they are of themselves.  One of my girls is a natural athlete – a total fish in the water and will climb just about anything.  Another is the most independent, self-assured little girl, whose favourite word is "self" (as in “leave me the f*&k alone – I can do it MYSELF!”) and who insists on wearing her Cinderella nightgown and Frozen water shoes all day, every day.  I’m still holding out hope that one of them will possess the vocal talents their mother sorely lacks!

 ani and wren

5) They Make Me Laugh

I have been telling my eldest daughter (who sometimes gets overly concerned with what her two younger sisters are doing) to "not worry about the girls, and just worry about yourself". The other day when I was in the car with her, I expressed concern over something she was doing, at which point she responded "Mom, don't worry about me, just worry about yourself!” Gotta love 'em - whether they repeat what you say (not always a good thing), use words out of context or just say something totally absurd, kids are hilarious and really do say the darnedest things!  I am actually quite proud that my daughter knows the proper context of the word "sh&*!" and also knows well enough not to use the word at school!

lauren levy