Momspiration - Erin Kleinberg

Momspiration - Erin Kleinberg


What is the most rewarding thing about being a mother? Biggest joys? Biggest challenges?

Biggest challenge would be being a full time working mom 2 weeks out of labor! But I am proud to be able to tell Parker the story of me running one business and starting another at the time she was born and understand the importance of being a femmetrepreneur ☺ Biggest joy is looking at my daughter and knowing that I am going to have the same relationship with her that I have with my mom – and that I am getting a new bite sized bestie! Plus seeing the look on Mickey’s face when she came into the world was a feeling I will never forget…

Fave baby clothing brands? 

Parker wears Juddlies jumpers every day of her life! They are heathered, soft, insanely epic quality and they are cool! I wear pant jumpers all the time, and although most people see them as sleepers, to me they are a full look for a kid of that age, especially when she is lounging at home. But I also love me a Zara jodhpur for her – mostly purchased in the boys section. Her shoe game is on point with her Akids and Vans, that’s for sure! Her custom ‘Parker’ Laer leather jacket isn’t a bad outfit topper either ☺

Sunday night tradition?

Me and my hubby pretend like we are going to have a relaxing evening watching a flick – but by the time we find a movie, 45 minutes later the two of us are snoozing to the sound of Rogers channel 1.

You named your little girl Parker - Where did you find inspiration? How did you decide on that name?

We honestly thought there was a boy in there for SURE. We had a million killer boys names picked out and when we found out it was a girl, Parker was the first name that came to mind! We loved it right away. We also happened to get married at The Parker Palm Springs hotel in California and always kind of thought it was a cool name for a little girl. 

As a fashion designer and someone who is so involved in the fashion world, has your personal style change since you’ve become a mom?

Not sure it’s changed so much in aesthetic, but it’s become way less of a thought process – I am currently rotating between 5-6 go to looks which are basically made up of caftans from my line that I can jazz up with a French esque black neck scarf for a quick day to eve look. Ironically I have pulled out these thick gold hoops from my Western days – a Value Village purchase I never thought I would resurrect, but hey anything goes when you get 5 hours of sleep a night. I’d say my beauty routine game has been stepped up as well. I’m losing so much hair from having lil P so I have been doing tons of treatments and masks from my friend’s awesome new hair line OUAI to help restore my hair health.  It has worked wonders for my tresses. Mommy life also requires constant face masks and eye cream applications. Currently in rotation are Glossier, La Mer, Sunday Riley.

Go-to fam vacation spot? Why?

Palm Springs – always has been, and now always will be since we have such crazy heritage there. My parents went on their honeymoon there, I’ve gone every year since I was a toddler, and now I have gotten married there and named my kid after one of their infamous hotels ☺

What is your fave restaurant when you are back in Toronto?

Torrito. Yummiest bacon wrapped dates in the world. For Italian, Enoteca Sociale. Asuka is my fave for sushi, hands down.

With the power and influence of social media such as Instagram, how do you draw the line about what you think is appropriate to post of your kids? As a mother do you enjoy and/or find it beneficial to share photos and videos your family on social media platforms? 

Before P was born, Mickey and I had a pretty strict policy of no babies on instagram, especially right at birth, its such a private moment. To us it was not something we felt needed to be shared. As Parker got a bit older I felt like although we aren’t really into the whole show your kids every move on social movement, Parker is here and so we should share her with the world to an extent. We will throw up a pic of her here and there because why not! Now Snap – snap is a different story. Snap is Parker’s safe place – everything deletes in 24 hours! I feel like its fun to watch my friends kids grow up on snap – feels more authentic and genuine than professionally edited insta pics you typically see.

Any last words of wisdom for our fellow new moms?

No one talks about the recovery post labor – make sure to take time for yourself to recover – at least a few weeks will go by where you don’t feel like yourself. Don’t feel bad that you can’t do everything you want for your little nugget right off the bat – that is what family is for!


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