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Behind the Scenes with Ani - The Bump Edition


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I am now just over 20 weeks pregnant – half way there baby!!! While Ive seen Wren, aka the baby making machine go through this 3 times in the past 4 years, and helped countless amount of fabulous customers in our store, nothing could have prepared me for pregnancy.  Here's a few things I have learned throughout my pregnancy so far…

1. Have A Source of Information You Trust

The second you get pregnant, it feels like everyone and their mothers are entitled to share every opinion that goes through their head...

"Dont eat too much tuna because of the mercury levels" 

"Go see Dr. soso at Mount Sinai he is the best, my daughters best friend used him"

"You are 100% carrying a girl given the way you look"

"Don't travel to Florida, there have been 8 cases of Zica reported there" 

"Did you know that coffee can make you miscarry?!"

...and the list goes on. While at times this can be overwhelming and my instinct is to just tune everyone out, a friend once told me "Always listen to others advice, because you never know when it may come in handy."  This resonated with me, maybe she was right, who knows, maybe one day I will be thanking my lucky stars that Lisa's nanny told me to "stick my nipples on ice cold water before breastfeeding to help relieve the pain?"  Take what people say with a grain of salt, and make decisions that work based on you. My OBGYN, is my source of knowledge, what he says goes. Oh and my mother, I mean she did one hell of a job raising me and my 3 brothers so there is probably some truth behind her daily pregnancy texts. Its easy to get caught up in the do's and don'ts of pregnancy, and sometimes I need to remind myself, sit back and enjoy this process, it's literally a miracle that I am creating a human life inside of me. 

2. Dress For Your New Body

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Everyday I dress and style pregnant women in the store, but nothing could have prepared me for the changes that happened to my body. First and foremost, these enormous tatas sprouted on my chest, literally the second I conceived. It's basically how I knew I was pregnant in the first place. Let's just say my husband has been in booby heaven, while I would rather trade these 10 pounders back for my old perky pre-pregnancy ones. I am used to wearing slightly more oversized/slouchy tops, but I quickly had to alter my style, as this no longer looked good on my changing silhouette. I found it way more flattering to wear slightly a-lined or slimmer tops that were fitted enough to show that I wasn't large and in charge, but still not too slim, as I needed to conceal my lovely little tire sitting above my waistline that hadn't formed into a bump yet. Not so easy right?! Anyways, it's a transitional period for everyone, and you just need to find the right styles that make you feel good. Which brings me to my next point: comfort. This is now, THE most important factor for me. Pre-pregnancy, I used to squeeze by butt into size 25 jeans, the tighter the better I would say!!! Well not anymore! There are so many changes and discomforts going on with your body, that for me, throwing on a stretchy pair of maternity jeans for work, or slipping into cozy sweats when I get home after a long day, is where its at!!!  These days, its all about the soft fabrics and stretchy waistbands!

3. Get Ready For An Emotional Roller Coaster

 Emotional Rollercoaster

So I know this sounds cliché, but it's the damn truth. I've never been one to be an overly emotional person, but I kid you not, I cry when I see car commercials these days. Overall you're just in a more sensitive state.  It may be the smallest thing in the world that rubs you the wrong way, but nonetheless, it seems like a full time job holding back those tears. Luckily I have a very supportive husband and a wonderful family and circle of friends that are always lending an ear, whether I am having a minor or major meltdown. And it’s nothing a giant bowl of ice cream can’t solve (which leads me to my next point …)

4. Embrace Those Cravings 

 I am somewhat of an extremist. When I am healthy and working out, it's all about burning calories and juice cleanses. Whereas, when I am having a bad eating day (like starting off my morning with a bagel and cream cheese) its all just downhill from there... soooo pregnancy is basically the latter. It's not like I am TRYING to gain weight, but for the first time in my life I am just enjoying myself.  I am definitely trying to have a balanced diet but there are some things I simply cant go near; Fish - especially you Salmon - see you in 9 months, and chicken just revolts me...well, not if its fried or covered in bbq sauce. But I've been craving fruit. Fruit, fruit, fruit! The juicier the better; there is nothing better to me than cut up oranges and grapefruits.  Oh and these days I do not discriminate against ANY type of dessert, which was definitely not my bag before. Oh well, I hear breast feeding burns calories?!?!

5. Continue to Live your Life

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you need to stop in your tracks for nine months. I've been lucky enough to feel great during my pregnancy, which is why I've continued to do the things that make me feel good. Whether that's working out at the gym, or flying across the world for a bachelorette party in Dubai, you got to do what works for you. While I continue to partake in all of life's fun events that present themselves over these 9 months, the one thing that is extremely different is this 'being sober' thing. For those of you who know me, I love to unwind with a glass of wine at dinner or drink socially with my friends on the weekend, so its definitely been an adjustment being the permanent DD.  Let’s just say, I told my husband to have a bottle of champers ready for me in the hospital fridge as soon as this baby pops out.