Momspiration: Milli Fox

Momspiration: Milli Fox

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Milli Fox, mindset maven, and creator of Junior Foxes Ring Slings. Milli recently featured in a photoshoot with Trish Mennell Photography, talks to us about all things motherhood, work-life balance and so much more.


Q: What is the most rewarding thing about being a mother? Biggest surprises? Biggest joys? Biggest challenges?

A: I would say the most rewarding thing about being a mother is slowly watching Rosen's independence develop. I love seeing him explore while knowing he has a solid foundation to always come back to. I feel so fulfilled knowing that my son knows that he is loved no matter what.

Q: Tell us the inspo behind Junior Foxes? How did your son inspire your business?

A: I started Junior Foxes because I wanted a carrier that matched my personal style. I believe that as new moms we deserve to have functional gear that also matches the aesthetic that we like. Creating fun and colourful slings was also a way for me to feel a bit more like myself in those early months after having Rosen. During that time period, none of your clothes fit and your body has gone through so many changes that you just aren't sure exactly who you are anymore. So having a sling that brought a smile to my face and a bit of joy to my days was just so gratifying.

Rosen inspires my business because I am so motivated to show him that anything is achievable. I want him to be proud that both of his parents build their businesses from scratch and that he can also do whatever he sets his mind to!

Q: You work for yourself – how do you manage your time and find the balance between work and motherhood? What does “balance” mean to you?

A: Balance to me means understanding that I can't give everything equal attention all at once. I won't lie though, I have had a lot of help. The fact that my husband is self-employed and has a flexible schedule and the fact that we have a part-time nanny have been invaluable. I have days where I just tell myself it's a "day off" and I try to leave my phone somewhere inaccessible. We all know if it's in arms reach there is always something to tend to!

I think the main reason I'm able to do it all though is that I'm obsessed. There is nothing I'd rather be doing with my time than tending to my businesses. So this means that we don't watch much tv and often times we are on our phones/computers in the evening after Rosen goes to bed. But I'm ok with that because we get to take full weekdays off to be together as a family and Rosen has never had to go to daycare thanks to our flexibility!


Q: Talk to us about Move Girl – tell us what it’s all about and how you were inspired to create it.

A: Move Girl is something I've wanted to create for a long time. I went to school for Psychology and I have known since I was a child that I wanted to either counsel or coach women. For a long time, I wanted to go into Executive or Life coaching but instead wandered into Personal Training and Nutrition coaching.

I've been through a ton in my relatively short life, and I've always been so interested in personal development and human potential. I believe we are powerful beyond belief and that as women we forget this and shrink ourselves. Throughout the years I've done so many programs, therapy and studying on various topics like boundaries, the power of the mind, manifestation, etc. and Move Girl is the culmination of all of it. It's truly just the beginning of the path I know I'm meant to go on and I'm so excited about what's to come!

Q: We love watching your dance videos!! What empowers you? How do you stay so positive – you always seem so happy (which is never easy when you are a mom/ running multiple businesses!)

A: Thank you!! The truth is, I choose it. For many years I leaned into a more pessimistic and negative mindset. I was doing a lot of "spiritual bypassing", reading all the self-help books but nothing was really changing. It wasn't until I truly started digging in and doing the deeper work in therapy, and "surrendering" (aka. I stopped trying to force and control every aspect of my life) that I let go of a lot of that nasty energy.

Since then, I choose to raise my vibration and change my mindset with my dance parties, with journaling and with trusting that I am 100% supported by the universe. I am extremely spiritual and I truly believe having a connection to something bigger than you, really sinking into your own enoughness and letting go of perfectionism can transform your life.

Don't get me wrong, I still get into stinky moods often. I just do something different about it now :)



Q: You have such cute style! What are some of your wardrobe staples?

A: Thank you again! Rompers are my biggest staple. I love outfits that I don't really have to think much about. My new rule for buying clothes is that it has to bring me joy! (Thanks Marie Kondo) I shop for what lights me up and I stopped buying things because they were cheap or "practical".

I love bright patterns and bright colours. I also love matching sets of anything!

Q: How did you come up with your son’s name?

A: I heard the name Rosen as a last name several times and I thought wow that would be a cool first name. Then when we told Junior's family about the name idea they told us that it was actually a family name! It just felt extremely right and we never even had any other contenders.


Q: What is your go-to restaurant in Toronto?

A: Hmm haha The Thompson Diner. It's really close to where we live, it's good food, decently priced and we love the convenience of it.

Q: Fave family vacation spot?

A: Florida! Miami is our second home and we dream of owning a place there one day.

Q: How do you find time for yourself? What’s your ideal night out?

A: Like I mentioned before, we have a part-time nanny so we try to not only have her help for when we need to work. We don't have a scheduled date night or anything but we try not to neglect ourselves! I try to take time to go to yoga, and to journal before I go to bed. But to be honest with you, going out at night isn't really ideal for me at all! Haha I like to be in bed by 10 most nights so I much prefer a daytime date, Our ideal day out usually consists of a nice lunch, maybe some shopping and then just strolling around chatting 🙂

Q: Any last words of wisdom for our fellow moms? Do you have a favourite quote or mantra that you live by?

A: I already alluded to it before, and I'm not sure if the quote is originally by Oprah or Ruth Bader Ginsberg but it something like this:

"You can have anything you want, just not all at once"

To me this is a reminder that there is a season for everything, to have patience and to let things flow 🙂


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