Momspiration - Melissa Picken

Momspiration - Melissa Picken

Melissa Picken

What is the most rewarding thing about being a mother? Biggest joys? Biggest challenges?

There are so many! I never thought my heart could hold so much love all at once. I also never thought that being a mom would also be so frustrating at times…the sleep deprivation has been one of the hardest to deal with. 

What have you learned about balancing motherhood with your career as a photographer and stylist? 

There are so many more ideas and vision that I have which would grow my business. The reality is that I am a Mother first. We’ve never had a nanny so I am limited in how much energy I can put into my business. For now I am happy with this balance, I work enough to feed my creativity while been there for my kids.

Your daughter’s name is Myla- such a pretty name! How did she inspire you to name your company Myla Moon? Where do you find inspiration for your kids’ names?

Myla came from wanting the names Lyla and Maya…so we came up with Myla. Myla was actually the one who helped me come up with my Co name…it just sounds so pretty.

Fave kids clothing brands?

Mini Mioche, Mabo, Zara kids, Bobo Choses,  Nico Nico

Sunday night tradition?

My husband works late most night of the week so Sundays we make sure we all eat together…we make a feast!

Quote the worst/funniest thing your kid(s) have ever said. So many funny things! every day they crack me up!

Max keeps saying that he only finds one girl pretty..his mommy. I cant wait to tell him when he’s 16 that he only had eyes for me. Myla is 7 but going on 16. She loves telling me what she would do if she met the boys for One Direction. We are a little worried about what she will be like as a teenager! 

Has your personal style changed since you’ve become a mom?

When I first became a mom I felt that I couldn't dress sexy or whatever that means…I would wear lots of work out clothes. That didn't last too long lol. I feel more confident then ever now that I am a mom…I love dressing up!

Go-to fam vacation spot? Why?

We love going to Beaches Resort in Turks and Caisos…the kids camp is amazing and it has the most beautiful beach that I have seen.

Go-to family restaurant in Toronto?

Terronis for sure!

With the power and influence of social media such as Instagram, how do you draw the line about what you think is appropriate to post of your kids?

As a mother do you enjoy and/or find it beneficial to share photos and videos your family on social media platforms?  I often struggle with this topic…I love shooting my kids and putting cute outfits on them. I never show anything on the photos that are too personal (school…). I want to make sure that their safety is never compromised.