Momspiration with Jessica Mulroney

Momspiration with Jessica Mulroney

Get to know the amazing Stylist for HBC & Kleinfeld,
Co-founder of The Shoebox Project and Power Momma of Three!

jessica mulroney

What is the most rewarding thing about being a mother? Biggest joys and challenges?

The most rewarding moments are the ones I witness from afar: watching one of the boys taking care of Ivy, or John sitting by Brian’s bed when he was sick and not leaving his side all day. Watching my kids grow into caring and compassionate people is extremely validating. The biggest joys are the weekend mornings when my bed is invaded by three loving and affectionate children. They take over completely and I love it! The challenges invariably involve time management: how to best be there for a three of my kids while also trying to be a wife, friend, daughter and businesswoman.

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Do you find that your personal style has changed since you’ve become a mom?

Function trumps form a lot more than it used to! I earn my downtime in a way I never did before, so comfort in those moments is paramount. But it also reminds me that a touch of glamour can go a very long way in reminding me that motherhood is not the only thing that defines who I am.

What have you learned about balancing motherhood with your career?

When I am home, I am 100 percent present for me kids. That allows me to then go to work and be 100 percent present there. Each role fuels and justifies my dedication to the other. (that’s a fancy way of saying “balance is the key”)

Where did you find inspiration for your kids’ names?

Ben really wanted the names Brian and John: Brian is (obviously) his father’s name and John was Mr. Mulroney’s older brother who lived only a single day.

Ivy’s actual name is Isabel Veronica. Isabel was a name we both loved and Veronica is my mother’s name. Her initials are I.V., so her nickname became Ivy, and if I’m being really honest, she really is an Ivy!

jessica mulroney

Quote the funniest thing your kids have ever said!

Funny moments are a daily occurrence in our world. Perhaps my favorite is when Ben took the twins to where he proposed to me. He told them how he got down on one knee and asked mommy to be his wife.

Their reaction: "So what did she say?"

Go-to family restaurant in Toronto?

Terroni, St Louis’ and Buca Yorkville.

Fave family vacation?

Montreal to see my parents or Florida to see the Mulroneys. Also, we went on a Disney Cruise and it was simply amazing: so much for the kids to do but also enough sophistication for couple’s to enjoy a little romance.

jessica mulroney

Sunday night family tradition? 

Sunday Funday is sacrosanct in our home: waffles or pancakes in the morning, outdoor fun (skating in the winter, swimming in the summer) and a movie in the afternoon. We finish off with a Pizza Party Picnic in mommy and daddy’s room.

ben mulroney

How do you find time for yourself? What’s your ideal girls’ night?

We’ve been blessed with kids who go to bed at a reasonable hour so by 8pm, we are sans kids and able to decompress in silence. An idea girl’s night involves my friends, a living room, sushi and white wine. I don’t need anything else.

With the power and influence of social media such as Instagram, how do you draw the line about what you think is appropriate to post of your kids?

I appreciate that some people want to keep their public and private lives separate but Ben and I live in a blurry grey area somewhere in the middle. We are proud of our kids and want to share images of them. We don’t post anything that would embarrass them later in life and we never post pics of other people’s children. We do what works for us.

Any last words of wisdom for our fellow new moms?

Never accept any advice about mother hood that begins with “always” or “never (except for this!). There is no one-size-fits-all method to raise your kids. Seek out advice from people you trust and listen to your maternal instincts. But above all else: enjoy it all!