Ani and Wrens Favourite Makeup Products!

Ani and Wrens Favourite Makeup Products!

Lani and I (Lauren) have been wanting to have someone teach us to do our make-up for so long now. We have been in a rut for a while where we have been using the same makeup for so long and wanted to pick up some really good tips and tricks from a pro. 


 So with Lani's birthday coming up, I thought it was the best time to have Caroline Levin (our amazing make-up artist from our photoshoots) come in to teach us a few looks. Our goal was to get a good basic knowledge of how to do our make-up quickly for day to day mom life - i.e look polished and put together but not cakey and also how to transition that into a night time glam. 

 We picked up some really useful pro tricks along the way - below are some of the key things we took away from our lesson and some of our fave new products! 

 1. The importance of Primer 

We didn't know the importance of this product - not only to help create a really good base layer it helps with the texture and smoothness of the skin. The makeup necessity for helping foundation and concealer stay on all day. 


Nude by Nature Perfecting Primer - non-tinted 

Vita Liberata Beauty Blur in Cafe Creme - tinted more coverage

2. The Perfect Match 

No two people are alike and what works for Lan in terms of foundation didn't work for me. We were both using hourglass which worked well for Lan as she has more dry skin. For me, it was settling into my skin not leaving as good of a finish ( I have oilier skin). 

Caroline suggested that I use a Chanel foundation (one of her faves). A great tip was applying the foundation only where you need it. For liquid foundation - put the product onto your hand and use a brush to dab the product inwards to outwards. In general with foundation - use the residual product (rather than more product) on the spots of your face where don't need as much coverage.


Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Liquid Foundation 

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation 

3. Bronze and Shine

Caroline taught us to apply bronzer after foundation in a '3" motion so that you hit the top of the forehead, cheek, and chin for a little glow with also getting into your hairline for a more natural look. 

After your bronzer applying highlighter to your cheekbones is key to give you that dewy glow. Caroline Perfers powder vs liquid highlighter as sometimes liquid can be hard to apply and can pull off some of the makeup (foundation, etc).


Nars - Casino Bronzer

Charlotte Tillsbury Bronzer and Highlight Duo

4. Say bye to Undereyes 

This was a big one... as busy tired moms, we needed major help in this area. 

Caroline recommended applying this after all your eye makeup has been applied. Depending on what your concerns are different concealers are going to do different things. Apply to your hand and then use a brush to dap under the eye also don't forget the outer and inner parts of your eye as well). 


NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Light Canelle this is best for people with blue undertones. 

NARS pot concealer in Cle De Peau 

Notable Product Mentions: 

Stila - All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner

Benefit 24 hour Brow Setter

 Marc Jacobs Undercover Perfecting Coconut Eye Primer 




 While these products work great for us we know they may not work great for you. Hope you test some of these lucky finds and try out some new tips. Let us know your go-to favorite beauty products. 

Ani and Wren